Building One Community, Together


Lincoln METCO Coordinating Committee (MCC) is a volunteer organization that supports the METCO Program at the Lincoln Public Schools in order to create connections between all children and families in our district.We plan and fund a variety of extra-curricular interactions between Boston and Lincoln students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Through our partnership with the Lincoln Extended-day Activities Program (LEAP), we offer chaperoned events and field trips including historical tours of Boston, science activities, snow tubing and bowling, to name a few. Additionally, we charter buses so that Boston and Lincoln children can “Stay and Play” after school in each other’s neighborhoods.  

The quality and vibrancy of our school community would be much diminished without the 91 children from Boston. Young people of different backgrounds have an opportunity to talk about differences, solve problems together, and develop lasting friendships. These experiences enrich them personally and also help prepare them for our increasingly diverse nation and workplace. 

We welcome ideas for strengthening our students’ relationships beyond the school walls. Please contact us with your suggestions or to learn more about the MCC’s work.

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Lincoln METCO Coordinating Committee (MCC) Requests your participation in the Community-Building Pledge. We challenge your family to take an active role in strengthening our community of Boston and Lincoln families. Our goal is to get signatures from 80% of Lincoln and Boston parents.

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From online games to meeting up in parks, here are some ideas for how to get together safely during the pandemic