We are staffed entirely by volunteers so every dollar raised goes directly to children’s programming. MCC is a 501(c)(3). Our tax ID is 27-0726889

$396 hires a bus for a trip or Stay and Play

$200 enables a child to attend one week of Lincoln Summer Day Camp

$50 provides lunch for 15 children during an afternoon activity

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Lincoln MCC, P.O. Box 393, Lincoln, MA 01773

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Downsize for Diversity

For years, to augment cash donations and increase the support we can provide for inclusive opportunities, MCC solicited and sold donated items. We are transitioning to marketing only donations of works of art, for information please contact us!

I was used to real food with a lot of flavor, a lot of life to it, and I used to say, "Man, I can't eat your food." And it was a joke between all of us. And so, we started this thing where they'd come to my house and eat my mother's and my aunts' breakfasts that would go right into lunch.  And I still do remember that moment when they said, "Sure, let's go to your place."
Their parents thought it was a good idea and so it kind of started, this sharing around food. Our house, it was so alive, full of people and kids in and out, little feasts all the time that kept on running. And their meals, they were quieter kind of weekends, but they really came over to my world and they had to learn to fit in, mix with my crowd. It was a good thing, and that memory sort of lasts.
Mike Carter
METCO Graduate
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